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Cilin Held a Birthday Party for December-Born Employees!

发布时间:2014-12-22  浏览次数:924

In order to enrich Cilin’s company culture and create a warm family-like atmosphere for the employees, Cilin has held a "group birthday party".

On 19th December, managers, colleagues and birthday staff of the company joined the party together to celebrate the birthday of December-born employees.

At half past three o'clock, the party started with the host's enthusiastic greetings.

Firstly, the host announced the name list of people who attended the activity. Then the leaders gave their sincere blessings to birthday staff, wishing them have a better career and life.

The birthday staff also passionately responded to these wishes by giving grateful speeches and singing songs, which led the party to a climax.

On the party, all staff sang birthday songs, blew the candles, and cut cakes together.  Every small action is filled with care and love for each other. This sincere love will encourage all staff to become more passionate in the job and grow with the company together. 

The purpose of the periodically-held group birthday party is to enrich employees' life after busy work, enhance their friendship and team cohesion, promote Cilin's culture and construct the concept of "happy work, happy life".

The company will have more similar activities in the future to build an enjoyable work environment for the staff.