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International Quality, Global Recognition

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Cilin & CAS Environmental Technology (Anhui) Inc. has passed ISO9001:2008 Quality System Certification at present. Internationally speaking, enterprises which have got ISO9001 certification have already achieved international standard in respect of integration of each management system and had ability to continually provide acceptable products customers have expected. Besides, the company considers customers in the first place, satisfies the requirements of customers, and refuses to induce customers, which shows Cilin is a company committed to reach high standards with continuous improvements.

Passing ISO9001 is inseparable from Cilin’s endeavor and contribution to water purification industry. Cilin is a cooperate company of Chinese Academy of Science and the industrialization base of national program 973. The company’s nanometer water purification material is developed by top scientists of CAS through long term research, which has caused a huge response internationally.

The new nanometer water purification materials not only possess purification function of widely used RO membrane, but also show excellent performance in removing harmful heavy metals like arsenic, fluoride, lead, cadmium, etc., which is better than other purification materials. Moreover, it has greatly reduced the cost of water purification. Its purification cost of one ton water is only 1/5 of that of RO membrane. Right now, scientists are keeping optimizing the materials to lower the cost. The nanometer material adopts physical adsorption theory, thus produces no waste water, which protects the more and more precious water source compared to other water treatment materials including RO membrane.

With support of the powerful scientific research capability of CAS and its advance research results, Cilin will keep researching and updating core technologies and materials, take the responsibility of improving the environment, benefiting the people and building a beautiful China, increase the resource utilization rate and reducing pollution and ecological damage, request and supervise quality and safety with the most stringent standards in order to be a leader in the field of deep water purification in China. We believe we can more and more people drink healthy water with our unceasing efforts.