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“Go to the Workshop” --- Cilin’s Practice Training Activity Is a Complete Success!

发布时间:2014-7-15  浏览次数:486

In order to improve the practical ability of our employees, Cilin & CAS environmental technology (anhui) inc started “go to the workshop” practice training activity on 8th July. The leaders of Cilin know very well of the importance of combination of theory and practice, thus set up high standards and strict demands for the employees to encourage them to be talents who understand theory as well as practice.

The company sent 8 departmental representatives in total to attend this practice activity. They have visited the workshop, watched the production and assembling process of each component of the equipments, seen front line workers of production, assembling and technician face to face, known the connected type, operating procedure, operating condition and environment of various equipments. They have also communicated with experienced professionals of this industry, and studied work experiences on site. The plant manager gave a systematic lecture of industry knowledge, equipment structure, equipment models and project cases and answered the questions of the training people. They all expressed they have benefited a lot from this activity.

The training activity has yielded impressive results. Attended employees have learned both theory and practice. Cilin is another step further towards the achievement of “serving the people through science and technology”.