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Technical Director of Cilin, Dr. Kong Lingtao, Attends Sino-Pakistan Bilateral Workshop 2013 on Nanotechnology for Drinking-Water Treatment

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From 22nd Oct.2013 to 25th Oct. 2013, Sino-Pakistan Bilateral Workshop 2013 on Nanotechnology for Drinking-Water Treatment held by Institute of Intelligent Machines, Chinese Academic Sciences, cooperating organization of Cilin & CAS Environmental Technology (Anhui) Inc. has convened successfully. Cilin’s technical director, Dr. Kong Lingtao has attended the meeting on the behalf of the company.




 During the four-day meeting, experts have in-depth discussions about development trend of drinking-water technologies, application of nanometer materials in drinking-water treatment, application of nano-technology in detection of micro-pollutants in drinking-water. Liu Jinhuai introduces IIM’s research progress on application of nanometer materials in removing and detecting arsenic, fluoride, heavy metal, humic acid and other micro-pollutants in drinking-water, with support of MOST key research program “Basic Research of Application of Nano-Technology to Remove Micro-Pollutants in Drinking-Water”. He especially introduces fluorine removal agent made of the natural mineral nanometer material and developed by IIM independently and its excellent fluorine removal performance in Inner Mongolia demonstration project. Prof. Qazi from Pakistan National Science and Technology University introduces his work on the photocatalytic degradation of micro-pollutants in drinking-water by nanometer materials.

Through this bilateral workshop, Chinese and Pakistan experts have made abundant communications in the technological field of nanometer water treatment, expressed mutual research interests, objectives and focuses and shown good complementary performances and cooperative opportunities. After the meeting, the two sides have reached an agreed cooperation purpose and signed cooperation agreements.