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CAS’s research on carbon nanometer water purification material has achieved world-class results

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Recently, scientists of our country have gained world-class research results in the field of new material. The results have been published on the well-known periodical of environmental category –Hazardous Materials. The reviewers say, “it is an exquisite and efficient work”.

In recent years, with the support of national key research program “Basic Research of Application of Nanotechnology to Remove Micro-pollutants in Drinking Water”, chief scientist of 973 Program, Liu Jinhuai and a member Recruitment Program of Global Experts, Huang Xingjiu  has led their research team to achieve series results in heavy metal water pollution.

This research was carried out by the scientists based on the vested results. They kept in-depth study of other high-efficient nanometer water purification materials and found several characteristic functions of carbon nanometer material-graphene which determine its development potential in the field of drinking water purification. The research utilized graphene’s excellent capability of adsorbing organics to adsorb pyrrole monomers onto the surface of grapheme, and got PPY/grapheme composite through polymerization reaction. Through the complexation of nitrogen-atoms and mercury ions in pyrrole monomer, the research achieved the goal of effective and preferential adsorption of mercury ions. Meanwhile, the excellent electric properties of graphene enhanced the electrochemical response signal of mercury ions.

Liu Jinhuai and Huang Xingjiu lead their research team to carry through cobalt pollution simulated test of three water samples from Xingwang village, Togtoh county, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia、Sanyi town, Mengcheng County, Anhui province and ordinary tap water respectively and gain ideal test results.

At present, CAS and Cilin have made an in-depth cooperation in order to accelerate the commercialization of research findings with the strengths of the enterprise, take the path of industry-university-research cooperation and strive for improving the environment, benefiting the people and building a beautiful China. Liu Jinhuai says, “we want to make large scale production of this material with the help of the enterprise power, complete the pilot test soon and contribute to water pollution treatment”.