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Nearly 20 Million People Are Suffering from Endemic Arsenic Poisoning in China

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According to an authoritative news report, “there are 19.58 million people living in high-risk areas where the arsenic content of underground water exceeds its standard level in China”. There is also a map of Chinese arsenic pollution released along with the report. Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Jilin, Ningxia, Qinghai, Anhui, Beijing, even Jiangsu and Sichuan are all listed in this map.

Arsenic is ranked 33 in periodical table of elements. People are very familiar with its oxide, white arsenic. As a well-known poisonous metalloid element, arsenic exists in the nature world widely. The latest paper of Science shows that scientists of Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology and China Medical University have developed a brand new model to find high-risk areas in a large scale where the underground water is polluted by excessive arsenic content without on-site tests through predicting pollution information of humidity, soil salinity, terrain etc. The calculation of this model shows that there are 19.58 million people living in high-risk areas where the arsenic content of underground water exceeds its standard level in our country.

The number is also approved by Ren Shangqi, deputy director of Environmental Epidemic Research Office of CDC Environment and Health Related Product Safety Institute. But, he emphasizes that unlike other standard-exceeding of water quality, excessive arsenic content in the underground water of these areas has nothing to do with pollution.

Excessive arsenic content in the underground water is not caused by industrial pollution but geological facts. The unbalanced element distribution on the surface of earth crust gives rise to excessive high or low content of some elements in the soil and water of some areas. The over accumulation of some harmful elements will cause endemic diseases in this area. The endemic arsenic poisoning is one if these severe endemic diseases in China at the present.

Cilin & CAS Environmental Technology (Anhui) Inc., a corporate enterprise jointly established by Cilin Anhui Co., Ltd. and Hefei Institutes of Physical Science, is committed to the application of the research achievements Hefei Institutes of Physical Science made in the national basic research program 973 – integrated nanotechnology water purification system. This system applies several innovative results of nanotechnology deep purification of drinking water, possessing the features of high efficiency, low cost, high level of integration and so on. On the basis of regular water treatment methods, this system applies nanotechnology of deep water purification which is specially aiming at removing arsenic, fluorine, humic acid and other micro pollutants. The system also includes real-time detection and safety assessment of water quality system and sludge deep treatment system.

Compared to traditional water purification methods, nano-tech water purification is much more targeted because it can not only remove common bacteria and impurities but also effectively remove arsenic, fluorine, organic pollutants and other heavy metal from the drinking water. Moreover, regeneration feature of nanometer water purification material greatly reduces the cost of water purification. We want to apply this technology to the underground water polluted areas of the whole country, feasibly improving the drinking water quality of 200 million Chinese peasants.