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Cilin Leads the Water Purification Market

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  In the United States and other developed countries, the popularizing rate of terminal water purification is over 70%. However, the number is less than 5% even in the most developed city of China. Therefore, water purification industry is rated as one of the top ten sunrise industries in the 21st century by the ministry of commerce. In the next decade, its market capacity is expected as high as more than 15 trillion RMB.
At its very beginning, Cilin has made a clear strategic positioning for itself: to be a leader in the Chinese water purification industry, and get involved in the protection and utilization of water resources, and become a bench mark in water resource protection and development industry in China. In fact, numerous enterprises has found and competed for this promising market, among which there are domestic and foreign-funded electrical appliances enterprises and new entered players. China's water purification industry is still in its primary stage at present, so there are a lot of chaotic issues occurred.

With a range of water pollution incidents occurred in China in 2012-2014, drinking water safety consciousness of consumers is gradually raising. Cilin began to focus on "water purification market", and regarded it as its future strategic direction of 5-10 years.
Besides choosing the right direction at the key moment, Cilin also takes an unusual road of sales model.
In the commercial market, Cilin doesn’t rely on the traditional sales channels, but to charge the users for service every year, making profit through providing continuous service. Behind the services, there is a three-dimensional support network constituted by an intelligent chip, customer service center of the headquarters and elite troops.

"Through our continuous efforts, let more and more people drink healthy water." This is Cilin’s brand concept which will be carried through products, services, and every detail of technology research and development.

Cilin always emphasizes the research and application of water purification technology and puts a lot of time and money on scientific research which leaves other enterprises far behind. Cilin believes that besides capital and management the core competence for the development of enterprises is continuous technological innovation. With a long-term scientific research, Cilin has obtained 25 national patents and the ISO9001 certification. The company absorbs the latest scientific research achievements of the national 973 project of the Chinese academy of sciences and applies nanometer technology to the design and manufacture of new water purification equipment. The company also improves the equipment’s performance through the introduction of international advanced raw materials and accessories. Cilin has become a shining star of the water purification industry.

In the future, Cilin will continue to increase investment and development of brand cultivation and technology innovation, expand its sales network, keep taking brand as its ultimate goal of development, and take a featured path suitable for development with the support of its core patent technologies. Now, cilin has formed a series of unique corporate culture.
Next, Cilin will continue to invest into research and development, in order to make products more intelligent and provide amazing experiences for customers.