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Cilin Provides Professional Services for You to Solve Heavy Metal Pollution.

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Soil pollution, especially heavy metal pollution, brings serious hidden trouble for people’s life. People’s life safety is challenged; occupational diseases occur frequently and fatality rate is sharply rising with an average age of death moving up to about 45 years old. Meanwhile, due to the deficiency of relevant treatment mechanism, any improper response may cause public health event or mass disturbance which should not be neglected. “Cancer villages” surprisingly appear in many places.

The journalist of Economic Information Daily has made investigations in Inner Mongolia, Liaoning and Hunan where soil is polluted and occupational disease is prevalent. It turns out that the local government knows little about the disease and even they know the situation, they treat it indifferently. People who suffer from the disease also seem accustomed to it. Although many are discussing that people would fall ill when they eat pigs fed by heavy metal polluted fodder, eat vegetables and food grown from heavy metal polluted soil and even drink underground water polluted by heavy metal. But they don’t know how harmful the pollution is because they cannot see its problem immediately with their own naked eyes.

Apart from northwest areas, heavy metal pollution is also very serious in southwest areas. Heavy metal pollution of soil is increasingly spreading around many mines in Yunnan, Guangxi, Hunan, Sichuan, Guizhou and other major heavy metal producing areas. Ministry of Land and Resources once said that there are 12 million tons grains polluted by heavy metal every year in China which causes a direct economic loss of more than 20 billion RMB. These grains are enough to feed over 40 million more people every year. Likewise, if these grains go into market, the consequence is unimaginable. In soil polluted areas, occupational and severe diseases are increasingly prevalent and expanding which makes the prevention and control mission extremely difficult. The government should increase investments in vast water improvement project and removal project. Only with national will as backup force and science as guidance, can we completely change the heavy metal poisoning phenomenon in soil polluted areas.

Cilin & CAS Environmental Technology (Anhui) Inc. is a high-tech enterprise which specializes in system design, engineering construction and daily operation maintenance of water treatment. Cilin is a cooperate company of Chinese Academy of Science and the industrialization base of national program 973. The company has successfully established a demonstration base in Inner Mongolia, which leads scientific achievements to industrialization. That means new water purification technologies and equipments developed by Cilin enter into rural drinking water field and provide new technical assurance to the drinking water quality in rural areas with support of the government. 

Cilin always emphasizes the research and application of water purification technology and puts a lot of time and money on scientific research which leaves other enterprises far behind. Cilin believes that besides capital and management the core competence for the development of enterprises is continuous technological innovation. With a long-term scientific research, Cilin has obtained 25 national patents and the ISO9001 certification. The company absorbs the latest scientific research achievements of the national 973 project of the Chinese academy of sciences and applies nanometer technology to the design and manufacture of new water purification equipment. The company also improves the equipment’s performance through the introduction of international advanced raw materials and accessories. Cilin has become a shining star of the water purification industry.