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Cilin: Better To Enhance Brand Value Than Cut Price

发布时间:2014-9-16  浏览次数:603

Increasingly fierce competition has prompted some water purification equipment manufacturers to reduce the net price in order to grab more market share. However, with the advent of the era of brand consumption, consumers choose and buy products not only on the basis of price but also product quality, service level and brand influence. 2014 is an unquiet year for the whole industry of water purification in our country, pregnant with enormous changes. In this year, everyone feels fierce competition and poor sales. The water purification industry goes into the stage of the survival of the fittest, which means brands without differentiation will be eliminated eventually.

Cilin & CAS environmental technology (Anhui) Inc., a member enterprise of the Chinese academy of sciences, specializes in the research and production of water purification materials and equipments. As one of the leading companys of water treatment technology in China, a member unit of United States’ Water Quality Association, Cilin has got ISO9001:2008 quality system certification and 25 national patents. With the first-class technology, products and services, Cilin water purification equipments are widely used in enterprises, hospitals, schools, office buildings, factories and other places, enjoying high praise in the customer bases.

Top R&D teams of CAS and remarkable achievements of scientific research team give Cilin powerful support of competitiveness. Cilin water purification is a proactive brand which is good at changing strategies and guiding the market actively. Cilin’s development space is multidimensional; its development mode variable. This kind of multidimensional and variable goes around the reasonable industrial structure and enterprise development goals, which brings Cilin more possibilities and more space. That is why Cilin could constantly give surprises to the consumers’ healthy life.

According to leaders of Cilin, every enterprise with a "strategic vision" must has a long-term vision, and won’t change its original goal  because of a small change at the present. Cilin’s stated target will not easily change. We firmly believe that "through our continuous efforts, let more and more people drink healthy water" are not hollow words. Cilin always adhere to its consumer first brand concept and its high end product positioning. Therefore, Cilin will keep innovate and make itself a widely recognized high-end brand which is trustworthy and full of surprises.