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Cilin: A Rising Star in the Water Purification Industry

发布时间:2014-11-28  浏览次数:939

The times produce their heroes. The serious situation of water pollution brings up the environmental protection industry of water purification. After decades of development, the general public has a much deeper understanding of the water purification industry. 2014 is bound to be an extraordinary year for both Cilin the company and water purification the industry.In 2014, every water purification company is developing and selling itself by various patterns. New products keep promoting the new development of this industry. Cilin also looks forward to the arrival of this torrent.Cilin is a high-tech enterprise which specializes in system design, engineering construction and daily operation maintenance of water treatment. Cilin regards responsibility, environmental protection, safety and innovation as its enterprise conceptions. With the first-class technology, products and services, Cilin is committed to be China's first comprehensive enterprise in deep purification of water resources.

Cilin always emphasizes the research and application of water purification technology and puts a lot of time and money on scientific research which leaves other enterprises far behind.Cilin believes that besides capital and management the core competence for the development of enterprises is continuous technological innovation. With a long-term scientific research, Cilin has obtained 25 national patents and the ISO9001 certification.The company absorbs the latest scientific research achievements of the national 973 project of the Chinese academy of sciences and applies nanometer technology to the design and manufacture of new water purification equipment. The company also improves the equipment’s performance through the introduction of international advanced raw materials and accessories. Cilin has become a shining star of the water purification industry.

In the future, Cilin will keep increase the investment and speed up the exploration in the respect of brand cultivation and technology innovation, continue to expand the sales network, always take the brand as the ultimate goal of company’s development, carve out a characteristic path with the support of the core patent technologies. Cilin has now formed a series of unique corporate culture.

Cilin's ultimate goal is to become the leader of China's water resources deep purification industry, step into the protection and exploration of water resources and become an industry benchmark.
To achieve this long-term vision, Cilin people will work hard, consolidate at every step and keep optimize and upgrade the products. On the basis of constructing integrated demonstrative plant of water purification, Cilin first fully applies nanotechnology into the research and development of industry-leading technologies, sets up enterprise reputation. In the second place, Cilin fully introduces the strategic investment, and aims to become the first comprehensive enterprise of water deep purification in China.