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Cilin Has Become the Demonstration Enterprise of Intellectual Property Rights in Hefei!

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There were several good news to us in October. After successfully landing on the Science and Technology Innovation Enterprise Board on October 18th, Cilin has become a Demonstration Enterprise of Intellectual Property Rights in Hefei.

In order to expedite the construction of Hefei’s national demonstration city of intellectual property, promote the creation, utilization, protection and management level of intellectual property, and show the demonstrative and leading function of the excellent intellectual property enterprises. After research and discussions, Hefei Science and Technology Bureau and other departments decided to award Cilin the title of “Demonstration Enterprise of intellectual Property Rights in Hefei”.

So far, Cilin has won a number of patents, becoming one of the leading companies in water purification field. Cilin won this honor for its continuous innovation, increasing patent application, effective intellectual property management system and high profit rate. This praise fully approve the intellectual property and innovative strategy Cilin has applied on the road of its self-development.