Core technology

2. Fast Detection and Analysis of Water Quality

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(1) Full-automatic nanometer monitoring and analyzing arsenic and fluoride in drinking water machine



This machine automatically does dynamic detection and analysis of the content of arsenic and fluorine in water sample before and after purification. The lower limit of fluorine detection is 0.1 mg/L, the detection range is 0.1-50 mg/L; the lower limit of arsenic detection is 0.1μg/L, the detection range is 1-500μg/L. All the detection processes of the machine are in full automatic control, and can be remotely monitored through the wireless network.


(2) Nanometer Reagent of Rapid Detection of Arsenic in Drinking Water




Nanometer reagent of detection of arsenic content in drinking water uses nanometer material which is fast, safe, easy-operated compared to regular reagents.