Company culture

► Our Mission

“Drinking water safety problem in rural areas” is one of our country’s urgent livelihood issues. Responded to the country’s call, our company is taking purifying contaminated water source, improving water quality and ensuring the people drink safe water as our responsibility and is committed to changing the current situation that more than 200 million peasants are drinking substandard water in China.                                                                                                                                                                          


► Our Concepts

Responsible: taking improving the environment, benefiting the people and constructing a beautiful China as

our responsibility

Environmental: taking raising resource utilization rate, reducing pollution and ecological damage as our goal  

Safe: supervising the quality and safety of our products with the most stringent standards

Innovative: taking constant researching and upgrading of the core technologies and materials as our foundation


► Our Goal

To be the first integrated enterprise of water source deep purification in China.


► Our Tenet

Try to make more and more people drink clean and safe water through our constant endeavor.